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The delicate interplay of rich Oud and creamy Sandalwood creates an understated yet captivating aroma. The intricate composition of DreamOud unfolds with a nuanced depth and complexity. The inclusion of Myrrh and Frankincense contributes a subtle resinous quality, while Labdanum adds an additional layer of richness. The infusion of Keemun Tea introduces a sophisticated facet, complemented by the warmth of Beeswax absolut. Cedar and Cypress then join the olfactory symphony, providing a refreshing woody note. This amalgamation of fragrant elements elevates DreamOud to a sophisticated and captivating olfactory journey. The intricate complexity of DreamOud will provide an ever-unfolding olfactory journey, where each application reveals previously undiscovered facets, inviting a continuous exploration of its nuanced layers. Timeless and refined, DreamOud quietly asserts its presence.


Imbued with a mysterious and historical allure, DreamOud encapsulates the ancient fragrance traditions of Arabia, where the rich essence of oud has long been revered for its enigmatic and timeless qualities. This fragrance pays homage to the storied heritage of oud, drawing upon its deep roots in Arabian perfumery to evoke a sense of intrigue and tradition. Similarly, the inclusion of creamy sandalwood resonates with the historical perfumery practices of India, where this precious wood has been cherished for centuries. Together, the harmonious blend of oud and sandalwood in DreamOud creates a captivating narrative that transcends time, enveloping the wearer in an evocative journey through the aromatic history of these revered scents.

Executed with modern flair and style, the scents of Oud and Sandalwood in DreamOud transcend their historical origins. These ancient fragrances are meticulously intertwined into a contemporary masterpiece, offering a fragrance that seamlessly marries tradition with modernity. This artful synthesis ensures that you experiences a scent that is not just a nod to history but a sophisticated olfactory journey crafted for the discerning tastes of today. DreamOud stands as a testament to the timeless appeal of historical elements interpreted in a refreshingly modern manner.


This 1.7 Fl. Oz./50 ml bottle contains approximately 750 sprays.

Made with over 95% natural or food grade ingredients.

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