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Eau de Santal Mysore


Eau de Santal Mysore, a fragrance that embodies the creamy, earthy and exotic characteristics of Mysore sandalwood. Infused with an extract of black tea that introduces a distinct layer of complexity. Its robust and full-bodied nature infuses the composition with a rich depth, harmonizing seamlessly with the overarching creamy-sweet quality of sandalwood. Subtle notes of jasmine create an airy feel that brings a hidden sense of effortless charm and charisma.

Throughout history, sandalwood has occupied a special place. Ancient texts and scriptures mention sandalwood as a divine wood with spiritual and therapeutic properties. Eau de Santal Mysore not only offers a unique sensory delight but also encapsulates the the nuanced and revered qualities intrinsic to this storied and esteemed wood.

Notes: Sandalwood, Black Tea, Orris, Beeswax, Jasmine, Cedar, Cypress

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