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Thyroid Support


Healthy thyroid function is essential for regulating metabolism and energy production. Thyroid hormone imbalances can lead to significant consequences. Each thyroid hormone fulfills various vital bodily functions; for example, T4 supports cardiac output, heart rate, respiratory rate, and resting metabolic rate. A low resting metabolic rate manifests as fatigue, cold sensitivity, and weight management challenges. Elevated cortisol levels disrupt thyroid function, inhibiting T4 (thyroxine) to T3 (triiodothyronine) conversion efficiency and lowering T4 levels.

Our thyroid support formula helps facilitate healthy thyroid function, T4 to T3 conversion, and maintenance of appropriate cortisol levels. It includes botanical extracts and nutrient cofactors crucial for T4 formation and T4 to T3 conversion, such as L-Tyrosine, Iodine and Selenium. Additionally, it contains the powerful antioxidant glutathione as well as NAC to support the body's own production of glutathione. These help protect the thyroid and counteract potential T4 to T3 conversion inhibition from free radicals, heavy metal toxicity and lipid peroxidation.

Contains no thyroid glandular extracts.

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