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Journey of a Thousand Myths


This unique fragrance embodies the essence of heroism and adventure, capturing the magic of myth and the thrill of self-discovery.

The scent is crafted with the finest ingredients, carefully selected to evoke a sense of wonder and excitement. The fragrance opens with a burst of fresh, crisp notes of Bergamot and Papyrus, evocative of the call to adventure. It then develops into a rich and warm heart of Benzoin, Frankincense and Ambergris. Finally, the fragrance settles into a deep and alluring base of earthy and woody tones of Vetiver and Sandalwood.

Whether worn for special occasions or daily use, this fragrance is a symbol of courage, determination, and an ode to the mythic quest that lies within us. It is an invitation to embark on a journey, embrace your inner hero and create your own adventure, leaving a trail of wonder and awe in your wake.

Indulge in this one-of-a-kind fragrance, and let it transport you to a world of myth and legend, where anything is possible.

Notes: Vetiver, Oakmoss, Papyrus, Elemi, Yuzu, Bergamot, Frankincense, Ambergris, Pink Pepper, Ginger, Cardamom

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