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Rich, layered oud intertwines with creamy sandalwood, whispers of spice, and tendrils of smoke in a complex and captivating dance. This intricate composition unfolds with myrrh, frankincense, and labdanum, revealing a resinous heart infused with the unexpected sophistication of Keemun tea and the warmth of beeswax absolute. Cedar and cypress add a refreshing woody whisper. Dreamoud evokes the enchantment of the unknown, the allure of distant lands, and the timeless traditions of Arabian and Indian perfumery. Each application unveils hidden depths, inviting you on a continuously unfolding olfactory journey, steeped in history yet utterly modern. The mesmerizing scent of DreamOud will linger in the minds of those you encounter.

This 1.7 Fl. Oz./50 ml bottle contains approximately 750 sprays.

Made with over 93% natural or food grade ingredients.

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