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Ion Replenish Electrolytes

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Whether you’re engaging in intense exercise, facing the heat, recovering from a night out, dealing with digestive concerns or simply want to enrich your drinks with hydrating and alkalizing electrolytes, Ion Replenish is your go-to hydration companion.

Designed to refresh and revitalize, Ion Replenish is not just for recovery; it’s also perfect for boosting the mineral content of water or other beverages. Transform any water into a refreshing, clean-tasting alkaline beverage while maintaining optimal ion balance and hydration. Keep your body perfectly quenched no matter the challenges you are facing.

Key Features:

• Replenishes electrolytes lost during exercise, heat, sauna, hangovers, or digestive issues.
• Ideal for remineralizing and enriching water, ensuring you receive essential minerals in every sip.
• Enhances the alkalinity of water for a more refreshing clean and crisp taste.
• Formulated to maintain ion balance and hydration during both active exercise and daily consumption.

Usage Instructions:

When in need of more concentrated electrolytes, add one packet to 16-36 oz (500-1000 ml) of liquid.

For alkalizing and enriching everyday drinking water, add one packet per gallon to ensure optimal hydration throughout the day, every day.

One packet provides the following mineral electrolytes:

355 mg Potassium (K)

185 mg Sodium (Na)

55 mg Calcium (Ca)

45 mg Magnesium (Mg)

Suggested Use: 

Use 1 packet per day to remineralize daily drinking water.

Use 2 packets per day during days of exercise, increased sweating and heat, fasting, sauna or hot tub use.

Use up to 3 packets per day during periods of extreme sweating or diarrhea.

Contains 14 single serving sticks

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